Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Total Eclipse of the Sun
By the March Super New Moon

 Blog-break is over. And there is nothing better than an eclipse to get me out of hiding. The total eclipse of the Sun in Pisces on the 9th March at 01h54 (GMT) draws attention to particular feelings; an indefinable yearning for meaning, an ache for more than what we do every day, a longing to be greater than what is etched out by our personalities.

You know that feeling when you are perfectly in sync with everything and everyone in your world, when opportunities appear out of nowhere, when there are no glitches and everything runs smoothly? Well this eclipse marks a route to exactly that, to harmony and a creative way of living. It maps out a road of adventure and discovery. Understanding how to grow into more than we have ever been is possible during this grand celestial event. We look beyond the limitations previously set by our fears and insecurities.

This generous and big-hearted eclipse endorses heightened happiness and confidence and that kind of sheer delight we feel when we are on track or perfectly poised for the best possible outcome imaginable.

But first it has the tedious job of exposing the problems, patterns, habits and ways of behaving that sabotage the above-mentioned bliss. The very nature of an eclipse is to reveal the stuff in the shadows for the sole purpose of regaining balance and getting back on track. It is probably easier to view the various problems and behavioural patterns in a list format:  

·       addiction problems

·       self-delusion

·       deceit

·       extreme self-indulgence

·       self-undoing (own worst enemy)

·       absorption of negativity in environment

·       stuck in disappointment

·       self-sacrifice

·       falling into victim mode

·       allowing others to take advantage of personal talent

·       avoidance of harsh reality

·       denial

·       imbalance within relationships

·       choices made out of a need to please

·       choices made out of a need for acceptance

·       choices made out of a fear of rejection

·       choices made so as to be loved 

Feelings and actions of which we are ashamed, ones we have buried deep, will threaten to break surface. The bitter taste of disappointment for not meeting expectations, is vile. Should we attempt to further repress emotions and needs or continue to hide our shame, they could very well break out in illness or injury in the physical body.

The home is a sanctuary for the duration of time needed to cleanse and dissolve sabotaging behaviour. In this inner sanctity insights flourish and it is safe for the imagination to probe for solutions to the problems tossed in our way by the eclipse.

Once the problems on the bulleted list have been addressed, newfound strength emerges (obviously they won’t all apply but there is sure to be at least one that is personally relevant). Clear vision of exceptional personal talent is possible. Opportunities to master techniques necessary to make the most of these talents, abound. Some meaning is found and it is with trust and a smattering of serenity that we accept the vast mysterious unknown.

With love for eclipses,

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