Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
March 2016 

Eclipse month is never an easy one, often leaving us feeling jittery or out of sorts while subconscious thoughts and odd feelings percolate into consciousness.

The lunar eclipse on the 23rd March 2016 at 12h02 (GMT) is a penumbral and not a total eclipse. Only the outer shadow of the earth falls upon the moon and is barely visible.

There is not too much digging about in the dark shadowy regions of ourselves with this particular eclipse. However, we may be expected to confront reasons why we made choices to impress or please another (at personal expense) or why we gave up a position, yielded and gave in to the persuasions of another. We may reflect on how exactly we were too influenced by relationships and or surroundings. Restlessness is a sure indicator that we have been pulled off track by such influences. We could observe that we have been over-adaptable or changed something that should not have been changed. We observe over-eagerness that led to compromise, the bad kind.

We see how inner conflict transfers into an external circumstance as a problem demanding to be resolved. We observe how inner turmoil plays out in relationships because of compromises made in the past and exactly how much imbalance resulted. It is good to see though, that current planetary configurations inspire courage and confidence to overcome obstacles and rectify imbalance. We carefully and ever so slowly reposition ourselves in a personal situation or in a relationship. We move out of the line of fire and away from a polarized position.

Thoughts on the Sun’s Influence
The golden rays of sunlight shine on ways to improve a personal position, to build self-esteem and greater confidence. There is a strong need to prove ourselves through action. After a period of feeling uncertain or afraid (typical influence of the solar eclipse of two weeks ago), we feel bold and daring and take definite steps out of the muddle and confusion of the recent past. Self-assurance replaces reticence. Curiosity drives us towards the things we most desire. Ambition stirs.

Thoughts on the Moon’s Influence
Take a moment to gaze up at the enchanting full moon. You may well hear a whisper upon those silvery moonbeams encouraging a wish to take action, to move something along, to get something done. It pushes us out of inertia or a quagmire of procrastination. We break out of a reverie, we move out of paralysis or perhaps simply find direction after a period of drifting.

We make peace with what has gone wrong, simply through acceptance. We shall have to adjust to a different set of circumstance and fairly quickly as there is not much time for contemplating options.

The strongest message from this full moon is to keep trying, no matter what, to just keep trying. If we fail, we are not to give up but to try harder, again and yet again. We are to persevere, to push through doubt and fear. This kind of effort is sure to be rewarded not only with the achievement of goals but also with a feeling of peace and serenity and happiness. Well worth it.

With love for eclipses,

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