Monday, 14 November 2016

Up Close and Personal

Full Moon - November 2016 

On 14th November at 13h53 (GMT/UT) the moon’s surface is fully covered with the sun’s light just two hours after making her closest pass to the earth since 1948. She won’t come this close again until 2034. The effect of a perigee (when close to the earth) full moon is evident in the rise and fall of the spring tides and will probably intensify storms at sea.

The spring high tide will jump a little higher and the low tide will fall a little lower. I can’t help but think of the full moon’s effect on the human body, a body made up of between 50 – 75% of water (75% in infants dropping to 50% in old age). The older we get the dryer we become. I quickly reach for my bottle and take a giant swig of that moisturizing life-giving stuff that falls from the sky.

Surely this up-close and personal full moon will tug on all that human liquid. It is thought that emotional consciousness is immersed in the watery content of the brain and the heart (73% of these organs is water). Perhaps during the weeks prior to the full moon and also the weeks following it, our feelings will jump a little higher and fall a little lower than usual.

Inevitably the emotions that leap to an extraordinary height must fall to its equal and opposite point, that is, according to the laws that govern the swing of the pendulum. It may be that in the phase of influence of the super-duper full moon, feelings will soar, only to fall in later months. Perhaps during this time they will plummet and only soar later on. It is dependent on the choices of the individual.

The good news is that whilst so close, the full moon moves through Taurus on the zodiacal belt encircling us. She is exalted and does so love visiting this part of the belt.  Here she finds joy, pure bliss. She loves the Taurus qualities of stability and strength, the uncluttered responses and appreciation for life. She finds lost happiness, forgotten gaiety and abandoned pleasures.

She encourages us to appreciate nature and those simple delights experienced when in nature. We notice the scent of flowers, the softness of moss, rainbows of colour in a dew droplet and we remember to really listen to the wind in the trees.  She prompts a memory of the sensual pleasures in delicious food and music and making love. She helps us draw on inner strength and resilience to tackle the tough stuff.

We are reminded of emotional commitments and how to build on those commitments. We strive for financial and emotional security. Without effort we empathise with the unbearable pain of loss (financial or human) and have sympathy for those suffering misfortune. It is a time of sharing heartache and happiness.

In ourselves we sense the root cause of unhappiness and a lightning strike of understanding exposes answers to problems. We find the patience and determination to heal the damage they have caused. We see how emotional hang-ups make it impossible to trust – ourselves and others. It is only by stepping into the shoes of another to experience the situation from their perspective (built from their past experiences and understanding) that we have any hope of rebuilding broken trust.

Then out of the blue we have moments of feeling terribly clever and discover ingenious means to achieve emotional and material stability. A shock or sudden change of the status quo opens our thinking to unimaginable possibilities.

It is with images of the water inside my cells swishing back and forth in time to the rise and fall of the ocean’s spring tides that I end this blog.


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